About open innovation nigeria

Open Innovation Nigeria is a virtual innovation platform which is an ecosystem of Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Innovators, Smes, Corporate organisations, Government agencies, International organsations and investors playing in the innovation ecosystem of Nigeria. The platform connects Solution Seekers to Solution Providers and help deliver tangible solutions to real business challenges thereby fostering collaborations and partnerships.

The Open Innovation (OI) Nigeria forms the largest network of innovators in Nigeria and uses a digital space approach that decentralizes innovation to leverage the increasing mobility of knowledge and innovation. For example, Instead of organisations expending large chunks of their resources on internal Research and Development (R&D) to innovate, they collaborate with external solution providers and incorporate the external ideas (technologies, products, services and processes) into their business to accelerate innovation.

This platform host and source innovators (individuals, start-ups, SMEs, researchers, corporations, companies) who provide cutting-edge solutions (products, services or processes) to address key challenges in identified sectors, areas, or organizations.

What Open Innovation Nigeria is

  • Connects and matches solution seekers with solution providers.
  • Empowers entrepreneurs with problem solving skills and valuable innovation knowledge.
  • Supports the search, selection and implementation of innovations through a digital space.
  • Eliminates the time and location constraints, subsequently accelerating the rate of innovation and release to market (including the time for ideation and commercialisation).
  • Builds a vibrant and agile innovation ecosystem in Nigeria at large that investors can cash into.

How it works

We launch Innovation Calls or Challenge on the Open Innovation Nigeria Platform periodically according the need(s) of Solution Seeker(s). And each Innovation Call comprises of a set of challenges from different Solution Seekers. The process goes through ideation, Proof -of-Concept and then Prototyping stages for selected solutions. Each challenge is accompanied with prize awards for winning solutions that are selected based on the criteria of Solution Seekers.This provides collaborations that generate opportunities for co-creation, commercialization and scaling up of innovative digital solutions.

The benefits of joining

As a solution provider

  • It provides an access point into a competitive market, particularly for those who would ordinarily not have ease access to market, and potentially provides access to interested investors.
  • Receives prize money to test and validate their innovations with solution seekers.

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Benefits for solution seekers

  • It provides Solution Seekers with access to a large community of solvers with multi-disciplinary expertise.
  • The process also reduces overall innovation costs, de-risks and accelerates innovation outcomes through a crowd-sourcing, agile and iterative problem solving process.

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Benefits for the ecosystem

  • This allows Nigeria the option to leverage local innovation to solve local issues.
  • Develops entrepreneurial and innovation capacity and it empowers societies to solve social and technological issues.

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Are you a Researcher, Entrepreneur, Startup, Innovator, Small business, Corporate organisations, Government agency, International organsations and investors interested to play in the innovation ecosystem in Nigeria please sign up here.

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This Open Innovation (OI) platformis an initiative from the Nigeria Innovation Summit hosted by Emerging Media, a leading driver of innovation in Nigeria, in partnership with Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability, (RIIS), South Africa, a leading OI company.